Do you own a car and are now concerned about getting car insurance? Well! Getting automobile insurance can be overwhelming, with many options available. But don’t worry! Trexis Insurance can help you with that. 

Trexis is a US-based insurance company in Franklin, Tennessee. It offers a full coverage insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage to you and your car in case of an accident. The company also provides several quality insurance products at very affordable rates across 12 American states. 

Want to know more about Trexis insurance? This blog post will help you to understand several aspects of this company better so you can make the best decision while insuring your vehicle. Let’s get started!  Connect with us on Pinterest, and Facebook for the most up-to-date information about state auto insurance.

What is Trexis Insurance? 

The Trexis Insurance Company, formerly Alfa Company, is a non-standard personal car insurance provider. The company offers various auto insurance and other insurance products in different states of America, including Alabama, Texas, Carolina, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and some others. 

Like any other insurance provider, Trexis focuses on providing quality insurance plans, fair and smooth claims service, and 24/7 Trexis insurance customer service at reasonable prices. It offers a wide range of auto insurance coverages like comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, and others. 

How does Trexis Insurance Work? 

Trexis Insurance is an auto insurer famous for providing insurance plans to high-risk drivers in several selected states. It is a reliable and famous option for those drivers who want to experience personalized plans with a local insurance agent, as Terix Insurance works with several independent agents across the states it covers. 

Some of these agents work in small towns and local communities, so it’s easy for the drivers to avail of their services. They can call their agent anytime to make a claim or to adjust their insurance coverage. 

If you buy an insurance plan via Trexis Insurance Corp, your experience will be similar to that of any larger insurance provider. You buy auto insurance services to protect yourself and your car against any unexpected events and can make a claim 24/7 to get compensation after covered damage by Trexis. 

How is Trexis Insurance Unique from other Auto Insurance Providers? 

Trexis has various features that make it unique. Depending on your specific situation, Trexis insurance can be an exceptional choice for your needs. 

Here are some of the features that help Trexis stand unique among other major insurance companies: 

  • Network of Independent Agents

Trexis works with thousands of independent agents across different states of the USA. These agents review the needs of their clients and then suggest the best insurance plan for their unique needs. If you are interested in getting personalized experience with a local agent, then look no further than Trexis. 

  • Availability

Trexis Insurance has now expanded its business to 12 states of America. Now, you can buy Trexis insurance coverage in Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

  • High-Risk Car Insurance 

Being a high-risk driver, you may struggle to find the right auto insurance via the open marketplace. But don’t worry, Trexis insurance could be the right choice for you. It specializes in covering high-risk drivers, and the company can also submit an SR-22 certificate on your behalf to ensure you can maintain continuous coverage. 

  • Years of Experience 

Trexis has over 25 years of experience providing insurance coverage across the US. Where other small insurance companies have risen and fallen many times, Trexis offers competitively priced auto insurance in its covered states. 

  • Subsidiary of Alfa

Do you know Alfa, a larger and well-known insurance company, backs Trexis? Alfa purchased Trexis in 2005. While other small insurance providers have little financial backing, Trexis has the support of a larger firm.

Pros and Cons of Trexis Insurance 

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Trexis insurance:


  • Customized auto insurance premiums 
  • Online portal available
  • The high rating by AM best 
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • High-risk insurance 


  • Limited coverage area 
  • No rating by the BBB

Trexis Insurance Reviews and Ratings 

Most customers asked, “Is Trexis a good insurance?” Well! Trexis Insurance has an A+ rating from A.M Best, a company that assesses the financial strength of the insurers by analyzing their assets and liabilities. The rating shows that Trexis Insurance can cover your future insurance. 

Moreover, Trexis is a subsidiary of Alfa, a larger and most established insurer. Its support could make Trexis more stable and attractive to the applicants than other non-standard insurance plans available in Trexis’s covered states. However, the main office of Trexis has a BBB page, although it doesn’t have any published reviews or customer complaints yet. 

Final Words 

Trexis Auto Insurance is a provider in Texas with more than 25 years of experience covering drivers in some selective states of America. It offers policies crafted to your specific needs, along with insurance specialists available 24/7 to address customers’ queries and concerns. So Terix insurance can be a good choice to get an auto insurance plan. 

To learn more about Trexis or to request a Trexis insurance quote online, visit their official website or contact Trexis insurance phone number at +17036599144

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